April 4, 2011

Food For Thought: An Extremist Perspective on Social Work Education

The National Association of Scholars produced an article titled, The Scandal of Social Work Education, which concludes that social work programs and affiliated organizations are “ideologically loaded” and are guilty of imposing "indoctrination to a scandalous extent." NAS supports these claims by evaluating ten social work programs (including UCLA), in addition to providing three case studies that demonstrate the supposed "politicization" of social work education.

While the article grossly overgeneralizes how universities approach social work education, I do feel the author begets the novice social work to consider his/her ideological, political, and religious viewpoints, and how they might interfere or clash with a profession that endorses leftist ideals. The article also heightens core aspects of the social work profession.

The Scandal of Social Work Education

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