May 13, 2011

The University of Michigan Depression Center: The Depression Toolkit

As a University of Michigan alumna, I subscribe to a monthly newsletter called "Michigan Today," to keep myself informed about new developments and progress of the University. To my delight, this month's e-newsletter featured a link called "Help for the depressed," which leads readers to an online toolkit for individuals suffering from depressive disorders. 

The toolkit is extremely comprehensive, and a great website for individuals and families to familiarize themselves with depressive symptoms, treatment, and coping strategies. Readers can find quick assessment tools, information about how to find the right therapist, medication logs, goal setting forms, and numerous other tools all available to download.

There is also a page devoted to self-care that details 12 different ways an individual can proactively manage their symptoms. As someone who personally exercises for self-care, I particularly like their video on "quick tips on incorporating exercise." Other strategies include positive self talkmanaging stressjournalingestablishing support systems, and developing an appropriate food plan.

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