September 20, 2011

Tracking your MSW or MFT Hours

This is a quick post about a website that I think will be a great resource for Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) students, but also applicable to Master's in Social Work (MSW) students and recent grads.

Both MFT and MSW programs require students to obtain a specified number of practicum (internship) hours each year, in which they are supervised by a licensed professional. A website called Track your hours helps students and recent grads trying to obtain licensure, maintain a log of the number of hours they have completed. Certain state stipulations are included, since licensure rules differ depending on where you live. The great part is the website utilizes official forms from the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS), increasing the likelihood that your submission to the BBS will go through seamlessly.

The program offers a 30 day trial, and costs $34.95 per year. I'm usually not a fan of paying for annual memberships. However, because the BBS is very specific about how you document hour accumulation, I might consider purchasing a membership once I graduate.

Please click on the following for more information about BBS requirements for MFT and MSW licensure in California.


Howard said...

Hey Laura - Thanks for the post about I am the owner and want to let you know that we have been in business 5 years and always keep the software up-to-date with any changes in the statutes & regulations. We frequently verify our interpretation and understanding of the rules with folks at the BBS. Trackyourhours not only makes it simple to generate your State forms but also provides alerts and feedback when you are not adhering to the rules - like when you don't have enough supervision. Another great feature is that you always know your valuable information is safe and secure, so if you ever lose all your paperwork, you can easily re-create it with the click of a button.
The reason why we are a yearly subscription service is because this helps us generate the money we need to keep the software up-to-date and provide great customer support.

Laura said...

Hi Howard,

Nice to hear from you. Thanks for providing more details; it will most definitely be helpful to readers.

Should you ever consider providing an intro rate to recent grads (perhaps a small discount), please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks.


Ignacio said...

Aww shucks! I was gonna write about this for SWTechBlog.

I may get a little more detailed if I do write it, but this article is good :)

Laura said...

Feel free to do a more detailed post Ignacio!

Melissa Evans said...

Trial Version helps a user to know about the features software have. After it, one can decide whether to go for that software or not. As I have used two to three time tracking tools like Talygen, Trackyourhours and Harvest on trial version, all of them are good but Trackyourhours and Talygen has more features as tracking tools.