April 23, 2012

The UCLA MSW "Comprehensive Exam"

Second year students in UCLA's MSW program were recently emailed information about the elusive "Comprehensive Exam," a required exit exam for all second year students that contains both a written and oral component.

I practically laughed out loud after reading the "notice." To be frank, the description of the exam reads more like busy work rather than something that warrants the disconcerting name of COMPREHENSIVE EXAM.

In case students outside the second year class are interested, I've posted instructions below.

UCLA MSW Comprehensive Exam


Burned Out Social Worker said...

Busy work like this is why my friends in engineering, nursing, and other healthcare professions laugh at my academic field. I'm sure a comprehensive exam in those other disciplines would be more challenging. Social work schools really need to step it up the curriculum if we are to produce more social workers that command respect, given how we're treated now.

Don't mind my rambling. I'm burnt out.

Laura said...

I couldn't agree more! Thanks for voicing your opinion,


Jonsmith Jonsmith said...

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