September 12, 2010

Patrolling The Web This Week

Worth reading this week...

Letting go of fake needs: mnmlst discusses how people created "fake needs," such as the compulsion to read all the posts in your rss feed (guilty), the need to constantly check your inbox (guilty), or the desire to look a certain way before work (again guilty). The point of this article is to urge all of us to take a step back, and ask ourselves if we really need to do something? If the answer is "no," it's only a matter of learning to let go.

Google Reader -- An Introduction: Ignacio gives a very in-depth, step-by-step guide for how to use google reader, which is a fantastic tool that aggregates all of the websites and blogs you read or subscribe to.

How Millennials' Sharing Habits Can Benefit Organizations: Explains why this generation is so gung ho about sharing information, whether it be through blogging, facebooking, twittering or buzzing. Unlike previous generations, Gen Y'ers primarily share to make themselves and others around them more efficient.

Top Ten Tips for a Successful Social Work Job Interview: This applies to a lot of other sectors besides Social Work, but I thought it was a great, concise list.

Change Up Your Study Spaces for Better Recall: Switch up where you study to actually remember more. Why? Apparently, when we try to commit something to memory, we are more successful if we have multiple sensory associations to connect it to.

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