September 29, 2010

Volunteer! Become a Notetaker at UCLA

It amazes me how hard it is to locate certain resources and opportunities while navigating UCLA's websites. As one of my professors noted, it certainly is ironic UCLA is "the birthplace" of the internet. And it doesn't help that the School of Public Affairs has two official websites (OLD and NEW).

It wasn't until a classmate in my program (also a UCLA alum) told me about My UCLA, an incredibly useful website that aggregates all academic, career, financial, health, library and transportation resources associated with the university (I wish someone had told me about this website months ago!) You can even send free Bruin E-cards (why this is listed under productivity remains a mystery to me).

The same classmate tipped me off to a really cool opportunity/resource on the site. Any student is eligible to become an official notetaker for students with disabilities... and, you can even earn a $100 stipend for volunteering. Since it's so incredible difficult to find, I've outlined how to access the form below:

1. Log into My UCLA
2. Select "Your Study List" under the "Academic" tab
3. Click the $ sign next to each enrolled class (This tab will open)
4. Scroll down to the third header called "Forms for Service Providers"
5. Select "Application to Become a Classroom Notetaker"