September 17, 2010

Patrolling the Web this Week

Worth Reading This Week...

How do you help someone who doesn't believe that he/she deserves self-compassion? The author shares some great strategies on how to encourage depressed clients to self-sympathize. Utilizing a cognitive-behavioral therapy technique called "acting-as-is," are among her suggestions.

Driving Projects Into the End Zone: Why we tend to stall behavior as we near the end of large or small projects or tasks. Creating a consistent sense of urgency, tackling unpleasant tasks first, and taking a real break from the project help ensure you reach that finish line.

Gen Y's Most Perilous Trait?: The author weighs in on why the prevalence of narcissism, especially among Gen Y'ers, is prohibitive for succeeding in school, today's job market, and having the ability to have compassion for others.

Slow Food USA: A great overview of recent food-borne illnesses, and why there should be a greater sense of urgency around food safety. Definitely worth the 2 minutes. 

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